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-A INPUT -s -j DROP -A OUTPUT -d -j DROP rule #1 will drop any packets coming IN to your system which originated on google's public DNS. rule #2 will drop any packets LEAVING your system destined for the same. As for ping, remember that ping uses the ICMP protocol. You're trying to … 8 - Wikipedia In mathematics. 8 is: a composite number, its proper divisors being 1, 2, and 4.It is twice 4 or four times 2. a power of two, being 2 3 (two cubed), and is the first number of the form p 3, p being an integer greater than 1.; the first number which is neither prime nor semiprime.; the base of the octal number system, which is mostly used with computers.In octal, one digit represents three bits. US Netflix on Chromecast - How to Unblock VPN DNS Proxy Nov 02, 2015 Triplex locomotive - Wikipedia Baldwin submitted a design for a 2-8-8-8-8-2 quadruplex to the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway. [6] [7] [8] The proposed quadruplex was essentially a cross between the cab-forward locomotives for the Southern Pacific and the Triplexes built for the Erie and Virginian, with a cab at the front for the driver and the rear cab for the fireman.

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US Netflix on Chromecast - How to Unblock VPN DNS Proxy Nov 02, 2015

Idiots, people who are using Google DNS ( will show up as That mean's, not Google, but someone using their DNS for faster internet, were trying to log on to your site as admin - 2019-04-24

google public dns - is located on one location As is an anycast address you cannot tell which particular nameserver will respond. It should be the one that is closest in "hops" which is simply the number of routers that are between you and the destination network. You can use Steve Gibsons Domain Name Speed Benchmark to determine if that is the best DNS server to use in your location. - DNS Articles - What's My DNS? Interpreted as: What DNS Server is is the primary DNS server for Google DNS.. Google DNS is a public DNS service that has been launched by Google that has been set up to make the Internet and the DNS system faster, safer, secure, and more reliable for all internet users.