Mar 23, 2018

Aug 14, 2019 How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account - Geeky Steps to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently. Go to your settings page. Click “Your Facebook Information,” and then select the option “Deactivate and Delete.” Tick the “Permanently Delete Account” and then press “Continue to Delete Account” when you are completely ready. Here's how to deactivate or permanently delete your Aug 23, 2018 How to delete facebook account permanently -

Mar 17, 2016

Jul 17, 2018 How to Permanently DELETE Your Facebook Account? Aug 14, 2019

How to Delete Your Facebook Account

8 hours ago · There is a separate option for if a user wants to permanently delete their Facebook account. However, a Facebook spokesperson said that, even when a user opts to delete their account forever, the site will wait 14 days after receiving the request before they actually delete that account. How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently 2020 [Direct Link] Steps to Delete Facebook Account Permanently 2020. Step 1: With your account logged in, visit this link. Step 2: Click on “Delete My Account“, to get started with the primary process to delete Facebook account permanently. Step 3: Enter your password and the CAPTCHA in the pop-up. At last, click on “OK,” once clicked, your Facebook How To Delete Your Data From Facebook Forever - Time Jul 24, 2019