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ISSymbol “Error connecting to server” on Web Thin Client and/or Secure Viewer: Error code 10061 (WSAECONNREFUSED) in EcoStruxure Machine SCADA Expert Nov 19, 2000 · WSAECONNREFUSED (10061) Connection refused. I am writing socket application where server runs on my unix account at school on some dedicated port. The client is a windows 98 at home. Winsock runtime error 10061 or WSAECONNREFUSED (10061) error occurs when a connection request is refused because the destination computer actively refuses it. WSAECONNREFUSED. 10061 (0x274D) No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. WSAELOOP. 10062 (0x274E) Cannot translate name. WSAENAMETOOLONG. 10063 (0x274F) Name component or name was too long. WSAEHOSTDOWN. 10064 (0x2750) A socket operation failed because the destination host was down. WSAEHOSTUNREACH. 10065 (0x2751) Jan 04, 2011 · Windows Vista came with computer and has been in service about two years. I can't send or receive e-mail. I have used Windows mail until recently. I contacted the ISP and they gave me all the info for Oct 13, 2009 · Ok so it was a bug in the fireware that was casuing part of the problem. after updating to 11.0.2 it started to work. Also there is a bug with udp port 53 for the ssl client it does not work!! changed back to the default tcp 53 and this is still not working in 11.0.2 Hello, In ODBC connection I'm not sure you need to set the port number. May you try, just with the IP address ? Best regards, Jean-Valentin

Error> occured >Thu May 22 14:06:49,552< RfcException: message: Connect to SAP gateway failed Connect parameters: TPNAME=SLD_NUC GWHOST=localhost GWSERV=sapgw00 ERROR partner '' not reached TIME Thu May 22 14:06:49 2015 RELEASE 720 COMPONENT NI (network interface) VERSION 40 RC -10 MODULE nixxi.cpp LINE 3286 DETAIL NiPConnect2

Tue Dec 01 17:29:01 2015 MANAGEMENT: Client connected from [AF_INET] Tue Dec 01 17:29:02 2015 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'state on' Tue Dec 01 17:29:02 2015 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'log all on' Tue Dec 01 17:29:02 2015 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'hold off' Tue Dec 01 17:29:02 2015 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'hold release' Tue Dec 01 17:29:02 2015 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'proxy

WSAECONNREFUSED (10061) All of these mean the same thing, the connection is refused by a foreign host. To see steps to resolve this, read below.

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